Passion for
quality sleep

We spend more than a third of our lives in bed. A good and comfortable sleep thus appears to be essential for our health and the quality of life. That is why Nill Spring offers a wide range of premium box springs beds and mattresses.

Craftsmanship is mastery, also regarding sleeping comfort. And that is where our passion lies. Nill Spring is the best choice for a healthy and comfortable night's sleep. 

Handmade customisation

Nill Spring is the result of the combination of many years of experience and expertise. For over four generations, the Cornille family shares the knowhow and passion for the manufacture of box springs.

In 2006, Frank Cornille and Guy Dupont developed Nill Spring. The partners brought together their expertise and passion for sleeping comfort and started a flourishing business. Guy Dupont's many years of technical experience and sense for innovation and handmade customisation results in an impressive collection of box springs and mattresses.

“4 generations of knowhow
is the foundation of
our collection.”

Frank Cornille

manager Nill Spring